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I brought my Lil girls clothes that were needed to Orange Park Fl. I called before I went and asked what sizes they needed...

mind u I made sure clothes was washed and toys were brand new. These items were unstained and not faded especially the jeans from Old Navy. What got me upset is not that they would offer u what I call crackhead prices but the fact that they didn't really look at anything but the toys in the basket!! When I come in and question why items weren't excepted it totally blew my mind...

they didnt have an answer !! I was in the store the other day looking through items and found many worn out and stained toddler clothing!!! Like I said not only did I make sure I gave what was needed they were clean and unstained. When I mentioned this the guy wants to automatically look at the jeans again and say well I can take this too and this too ...but Wait!!

Didn't he look through it already ??? I know he didn't because there was also a lala loopsy that they always take and items were still in the same place i have placed them in the basket the same exact way!! Worst place ever...I'd rather donate to people who appreciate it !! Unbelievable !!

To bad I took all my stuff back because it wasn't even about the money, it's about giving great stuff that kids could've used... I wish I can post a pic !

What a sad place ! Never again

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I feel like the employees write these nasty *** anonymous comments . Who else would defend a place like this ?


My exact complaint. I saw there were worn out, torn and faded clothes on there shelf.

The clothes that I would sell to them were practically brand new!! I will not be returning there anymore.

I'd definitely rather donate to those in need. Looking for a family as of now who made need decent baby clothes & baby food.


you cant force them to take your stuff sometimes its about if they even have a need for it. the only reason the guy took the jeans is because someone as sassy as you started complaining and he didnt want you to get bitchy.

crack prices yes because its unwanted clothing and they need to make a profit. ive been to places like this before and i understand if they dont accept it.

YOU'RE the seller, THEY are the consumer at this point. Can't force ANYONE to buy your stuff.

Apex, North Carolina, United States #922060

Once upon child is a rip off! They pay your way less for your items but resell it for almost double .

I will not sell to them ever again in my life.

Their website state that you will get paid half what they sell it for but that's a lie !

to Anonymous #998804

Once upon a child sells items at 50-30% of retail price and they pay YOU 50-30% of what they sell it for. If you don't like the quote, you can take your items back. Check their website honey and stop *** on a dumb website and get a life.

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