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Worst consignment experience ever had. Very little compassion for customer service. Not only do they give you next to nothi g for impeccable items, but I Will never shop, sell or step foot in that store again. Owner very rude and went back on word with assistance after donating/selling items left I was to to pick up that just dissapeared after calling with plans to pick up my leftover items. Very large nice bin of clothing when I was welcomed by... Read more

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Ive been to the location in naperville and crest hill. I stopped going to napervile bc they seemed to become too picky and spent more on gas driving there then what i would recieve back in money. Ive been told the crest hill location used to take almost anything and have more recently changed there standards. My 2nd trip to this location and store will be my last. I brought 2 bags in of nice clothing some only worn once. She says it will take 45... Read more

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I visited the Virginia Beach store to pick up an offer. I brought in 25-30 items or so. I was offered $8.30 for the 10 items they chose. I looked at what they didn't choose...a brand new, tags still on pair of jeans, girls athletic clothes. When I inquired why these clothes "didn't make the cut" I was told they were worn and had stains. I challenged her to show me an example because I was careful about the condition of the clothes and she... Read more

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The clothes I dropped off were not completely checked because they were folded the same as I had folded them and kept together just like I had them. Also when I called to thank them for folding them the same way when I knew they really did not go through them because there was a brand new shirt never worn with the tag and they did not purchase that one either they said My clothes were worn faded and pilling and staining I know for a fact there... Read more

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Dropped off boxes and got almost all clothes back folded exactly how I had folded them like they did not go through them all just the ones on the top was told they were faded and such but left with a shirt of mine with a tag on it that neither of My kids wore should not be surprised from a store I called near Halloween to see if they had blue jean overalls and was told I had to drive down there to find out even though I live an hour away You... Read more

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Looking to invest in that sector, but after talking to several franchise owners, I m concerned about the above mentioned issue. The issue of the Buys seem to run out of hand for a few of them. They followed ALL company strategies, hints and ways of dealing with runaway inventory, yet , they still falter. Setting aside 50K to over 150K to "maintain" inventory levels, which some of them were forced to do, was something that was over and above... Read more

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The once upon a child in chesapeake Virginia off battlefield blvd is a racist location, The clothing that we brought in came from some very high end fashion stores , most never worn because the wife was station in japan and sent clothing for our little girl that was never worn, we were told the clothing was worn and not in good condition, They never looked at any of the items , which were basically new. The real reason they took one look at... Read more

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This store and its employees suck. Please contact me. I think its very unprofessional for a business to not have information other then an email to contact corporate. How unprofessional. I sit outside and watched the girls and they really did not go through my boxs it was about 10 minutes after i dropped off the first time and told me the clothes had a snoke smell i no tgey did not but took them home rewashed them took them back the next day ... Read more

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This place I had to just shake my head .no manners very disrespectful , plus didn't take anything but a pair of tommy boots that they only gave me 3.50 I was amazed by this all .most of my things still had the tag on them .I would never ever return plus I made all my friends stop going there this store sucks

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I absolutely love this store and the super friendly staff! Once Upon A Child is Amazing

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