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I spent 40 minutes driving there with $2000 worth of expensive boys clothing. They selected about 10 items out of a hundred, gave me $50 and the stuff they sell is *** and NOT "gently worn". Poor taste, and everything looks like it came from a thrift shop. They don't even allow you to take the plastic hangers the clothes are on. Total waste of my day. You couldn't give me their *** for FREE.... Read more

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I have went to several stores and all the workers at all of them are beyond rude. The policy here with you only 1/3 of what clothes are worth is crazy. My son had expensive clothes that would have came up to about $100 return but only got maybe $30 back the policy needs to be changed to at least have and then you sell it for the amount that you are trying to give the parent! Add comment

This place is a rip off! I've took several things here to sell only to get pennies on the dollar. For example a little tikes kitchen they gave me $5.00 for. They wont give you a print out or a recipt for the item they buy. I will never sell to them again. There staff is always stuck up and snooty. They are way over priced. I would refer someone to buy new or at the salvation army. Check out the... Read more

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They don't give enough money for all the stuff you try to sell to them. Every time they try to rip me off. I don't ever bother going there. Also the items there are all overpriced. I can get brand new clothes that aren't faded and stained for the same price. Only time I ever buy is on a fill a bag day. Lil Sprouts gives 50% of what they get for it. You might have to wait but it's worth it. And I... Read more

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Don't waste your time this place is awful i took in a denim levi vest, a childrens place coat with tags on, adidas worn twice, a dress and a ralph lauren vest worn oncee they gave me $16.00. Im going back to get my items back Add comment

Biggest rip off ever. They wanted to give me $39 for a diaper genie, a portable high chair, activity center, 10 cloth diapers with liners, bunch of clothes, and a shopping cart cover. I brought in a ton of clothes and I watched them go through them. The girls were talking and not even paying attention. These clothes were in perfect condition. It took them 2 hrs when they said 45min. Complete... Read more

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When i went to once apon a child they treated me like dirt 3 words to describe once apon a child is rude and scam and disrepect who says they did there part when my refund wasnt in my acount my account it takes two to three days then i get my money its been 6 days and nothing -they told me that chase (my bank account) is sitting on my money and that has never happend before- DONT SHOP HERE... Read more

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They absoultely are *** ane a rip off 12 items for 13 $ Add comment

Absolutely *** customer service. 2hours before closing it appears like all employees are ready to leave and not friendly at all. The job at hand was half assed and took over 2 hours to review. Overall probably one of the worst experiences I've ever had - so honestly, just donate your clothing to good will - this company is pretentious and full of ***. Add comment

I sold my clothes from justice their and they gave me $20.00 for 40items I think you should not sell your clothes their if you want to benefit yourself they gave me like two dollars for each shirts and they were almost new and I went back I sold some clothes their that got for birthday that didn't fit me brand new they gave me $5.00 for each shirts from justice I only had $50.00 that they gave me Read more

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