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Once Upon a Child
Main address: 605 Highway 169 N, Suite 400 55441 Minneapolis MN
(763)520-8500, , operations@ouac.com
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  • $692 claimed losses
  • $20 average
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  • Aug 23
  • Kids' Stores
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Store Pricing
  • 113

I am actually a once upon a child employee. Reading these reviews i tend to agree with some things people say. However, people need to realize many people come into our stores selling clothes every day. If we took every item from every single person, we would have absolutely nowhere to put the items. At my store location, we do not personally make the prices. We use a computer system and all we... Read more

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  • Aug 22
  • Kids' Stores
  • Lehigh Acres, Florida
  • Expensive Items
  • 94

This place has gots to be the biggest rip off I know. No way would I refer people to go here unless they just want to get rid off brand new stuff for nothing cause that's exactly what they want..new items for the fee of a few bucks. I took 3 pair of very nice kids sneakers and a barrel of gently used clothes. They took the most exspensive items and only gave me $25 bucks. And these were not cheap... Read more

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  • Aug 19
  • Kids' Stores
  • Girl Clothes
  • 65

Worst store ever I went to sell my little girl clothes. Me and my husband waited there for 20 minutes it was a waste of time. They told us that the clothes was faded when i was looking at the clothes they were selling. We saw a lot of clothes that they were faded and for only 5 bucks is not worth it. I wouldn't recommend this store to nobody might as well give it away or sell it on your own worst... Read more

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  • Jul 29
  • Kids' Stores
  • Grand Island, New York
  • Prices
  • 2
  • 513

I will never go here again. I'm completely upset with the way they treated me. I first went there and I had bought a couple of things and almost spent 90$ there. I had to put some items back because I could not afford it. So I ended up spending 60. The girl was telling me all about the bonus stuff while stamping my card 9 times. I felt guilty taking the card when I didn't spend the 90$ to... Read more

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  • Jul 14
  • Kids' Stores
  • Westlake, Ohio
  • Rude Staff
  • 1
  • 320

I am sorry to say things have not changed at this store. Brought in a pack-n-play and there were 3 sales associates in the store and I being the only customer proceeded to the counter, no hello how are you just open up the pack-n-play and fill out the sheet. While struggling with the pack-n-play the sales associate next to me did nothing to help. I had half if it opened and she said there was a... Read more

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  • Jul 10
  • Kids' Stores
  • Plainfield, New Jersey
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 125

I love once upon a child. Never sold items there but always buy clothes and shoes which is great because you never know what you will find but there is one location where I always leave frustrated. Walking into the fairfield location in NJ more than one and NEVER being greeted or asked if I need help really gets to me because I come from a retail background and I know what is expected so to walk... Read more

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I took 4boxes and a bag full of clothing shoes baby items etc. Everything in excellent condition I had went through and sorted everything they took maybe ten articles of clothing and gave me 23 $ honestly it was a waste of my time. Add comment

  • Jul 06
  • Kids' Stores
  • Kentwood, Michigan
  • Expensive Products
  • 6
  • 230

Every time I take in high expensive brand names I get back an extremely low amount offered to me. Yesterday in Grand Rapids, Michigan on 28th street I brought in a small bag of fairly brand new clothes they offered me $2.10 for two of my items in had no reason stated for not purchasing my items. When asked they said stain age I knew they where lying no stains were on anything I brought in the... Read more

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  • Jul 02
  • Kids' Stores
  • Landen, Ohio
  • Customer Service Rip Off
  • 2
  • 184

As I walked into once upon a child, I was stared at by a young girl who rudely asked me if I needed help. ...why else would I be standing there waiting. I asked to borrow a cart I had to make 2 trips with because I had my toddler. After tripping on their entry way and spilling items, they all stood there staring at me and watched me struggle to pick things up with a toddler and to come inside the... Read more

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Nunca habia entrado ala tienda pero salí encantada compré ropa linda pata mi niña por muy poco dinero me gustó lo limpio y ordenado que está la tienda pronto volvere Add comment

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